Wednesday, October 30, 2013

W by Walla

Walla Al Alawi is a Bahrain-based designer since 2001.  Her love and appreciation for fashion stemmed from a very young age when she used to visit upscale boutiques in the fashion capitals around the world with her family.


Walla studied fashion design and marketing in London.  She explains: ‘When I returned to Bahrain, I wanted to create something new by combining the east and west in all my designs’. Up till this day Walla has been following her mission.


Walla began working from home with the abaya, the traditional Arabic outwear dress. Back then Bahrain has seen the trendsetter Walla transforming the abaya from a plain piece of fabric into an individualized fashion garment.


She presented her first collection in Dubai Fashion Week for Summer 2003. Since then Walla has built an immense presence in the Gulf through an exclusive clientele.


In 2009 she created a capsule collection in collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue, and the response was strong.  For the next three years Walla worked on a strategy to establish an international level brand.


With a focus on evening and cocktail gowns, she launched her demi-couture label W by WALLA during MBIFW (Miami Beach International Fashion Week) in 2012 and she won the International Rising Star Award.


“I design my collections for the charming chic, independent and fashion obsessed woman with an extraordinary lifestyle”. Walla


Each collection is made in Italy and sold at luxury stockiest worldwide.
Walla launched "Reflection",the spring summer 2014.The colors of this collection are inspired by the local nature.However,the designer also used some flashy colors as turquoise and orange ,which added a sophisticated charm to the collection.
The materials of the gowns are chiffon,lace, rich brocade and soft jersey.
These are some photos of her latest collection:
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