Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Elie Saab Resort 2015

Elie Saab has been known for eveningwear since he made his name with Halle Berry's Best Actress Oscar number a dozen years ago. Gowns will likely remain the core of his business, but more and more he's turning his attention to ready-to-wear. This season, he made a point of incorporating the embellishments and finery he uses for his occasion dresses on more casual pieces. So a silk crepe T-shirt was embroidered with the same matte sequins in the same swirling patterns as his red-carpet fare, and the jacket and pants of a blush-colored tracksuit were inset with delicate Chantilly lace. Saab also set about expanding the range of his daytime offerings, turning out what his press officer called his first-ever trenchcoat, and introducing a new leather group that included a dressy Perfecto jacket and a peplum waist sheath. A pair of black short-shorts even made it into the mix. It may take a while for Saab to convince shoppers that he's the one to turn to when they're stocking up for their next vacation. In the meantime, he makes a quite pretty long-sleeved lace dress.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fanilla Couture

“I want my fashionistas to like a tshirt ... then look at it... then notice the concept behind the design and then say.." WOW" I love the idea ! 
My goal is to make women wearing Fanilla Couture stick to their culture yet look stylish and trendy.”

This is Razan Suliman's moto , the talented designer of the trendy and elegant Fanilla Couture Brand.

Razan Suliman, a Saudi self-taught graphic designer based in Doha; founder and owner of the successful brand “Fanilla Couture”. She has been a prominent player in the creative industry ever since she introduced her label in 2011. Despite having studied information technology, her passion for graphic design made her consider a total career shift when she started to appreciate the value of beauty in every single detail around her. She carved her way into the creative world by learning graphic design through different ways becoming one of the top T-shirt designers in Doha and across the Gulf.

Fanilla Couture collections bring the best combination of being both classic and chic which suits today’s modern women. Razan personifies Arabic pop culture and fashion iconography in her trendy matchless designs where her philosophy is to preserve the Arabic culture with a hint of fashion. Her exceptional mix of cultural elements, vivid colors, and high quality fabrics coupled with her endless enthusiasm and pleasant personality is the reason behind the brand’s outstanding success.

Since the brand’s launch, Fanilla Couture has managed to be a fashion statement label and get the applause of many fashionistas across the Gulf. Starting every collection is a journey rather than a process where the inspiration for a new theme can arise from a thought, an exulted moment or any surrounding simple detail that touches the designer’s heart. Razan’s profound love for Arabic culture and fashion plays a pivotal role in being her main source of inspiration. She utilizes various cultural elements in her amazing collections which later translate into trend setter designs.

Having so much passion for design, she also supports the creative industry in Qatar through a series of workshops via “Razan graphics; fruit of her design passion school”. Sharing knowledge fuels her motivation, and positive word of mouth constantly pushes her to offer exceptional pieces in every collection. Currently Razan is planning to be present in premium boutiques in Muscat, Bahrain, Jeddah and Dubai after having her t-shirts displayed at Hamad International airport. Her next big dream is to showcase Fanilla Couture on an international level and see westerners wearing clothes that reflect the Arabic rich culture.

Razan is definitely one of the most talented & creative designers in the region. She's getting a lot of attention lately by the all the chic & fashionable girls who's eager to see & own her latest designs.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sara Secrets

Sara Nasser is the designer of Sara Secrets. She is Qatari girl who graduated from VCU. She is interested in different cultures and she likes to blend them together. She likes the traditional yet modern elements. She's all about trying new things and experiment ting with materials and fabrics from around the world. 

Every piece is not made more than 3 times. She likes every woman to be special in what she wears and buys. There is a design for every person depending on there style.

She opened a boutique in Qatar recently. She has a lot of talented tailors who are design pillows, bags and hats. She also does a consulting session where the client sits down with a designer and they sketch what the client wants.

For more information checkout her instagram: @sarasecrets_boutique
The boutique address: Al-Saad Street, Doha, Qatar, Tel: +97444321030/ 55881366