Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sara Secrets

Sara Nasser is the designer of Sara Secrets. She is Qatari girl who graduated from VCU. She is interested in different cultures and she likes to blend them together. She likes the traditional yet modern elements. She's all about trying new things and experiment ting with materials and fabrics from around the world. 

Every piece is not made more than 3 times. She likes every woman to be special in what she wears and buys. There is a design for every person depending on there style.

She opened a boutique in Qatar recently. She has a lot of talented tailors who are design pillows, bags and hats. She also does a consulting session where the client sits down with a designer and they sketch what the client wants.

For more information checkout her instagram: @sarasecrets_boutique
The boutique address: Al-Saad Street, Doha, Qatar, Tel: +97444321030/ 55881366

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