Wednesday, November 27, 2013

aennis eunis

Anas Younis Shanaah an architect who chose to continue in fashion design .He graduated with a degree in architecture in Amman, Jordan in 1992.  He followed his dream and moved to Italy to work with he fashion experts .Later, he moved to New York to study Industrial Design and spent fifteen years collaborating with high-end retailers, designers and stylists. His expertise in design and his eye for detail and architectural gems paved the way for his unique and eccentric creations.
 Younis established his brand label, aennis eunis, in 2009. Bringing a unique and exotic touch to the fashion world, aennis eunis styles add a Middle Eastern flavor to what is also described as fresh and trendy brand featuring a series of “must have” shoes and accessories. Younis owes the idea behind his brand to his solid cultural ties, his unique approach to design and his attention to detail. “I come from a strong background of taste and predilection of the Arabian world,” notes Anas.
 He is an intellectual person with a lot of imagination. He is strongly attached to his Arabic roots…he loves the language, the food, the music, poetry, culture, etc which can be seen through his designs. Although he lived in NY most of his adult  life, he grew more attached to his background as time passed. He came back to Jordan 5 years ago, and decided to “show the world” how beautiful his culture is…through modern and current means of design.
What is unique about his designs is that he named each one.
His designed are so feminine,elegant,glamorous and full of details.The designer is influenced by his culture ,however a balance between the East and west is clearly seen in his designs.Surly,such designs are sophisticated ladies choice.

aennis eunis is available now in these new locations:
- Level Shoe District / Dubai                       - Avanti / Jordan
- Bongenie Genève / Geneva                     - Sebastien James / Miami
- Saks Fifth Avenue / Dubai                       - Online store Sebastian James
- Saks Fifth Avenue / Bahrain                    - Cascella / Rome
                                    - Cascella / Porto Cervo                       
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