Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Clutch Abaya

The creative mind behind the beautiful brand Clutch Abaya, Aljoharah Albgmy, is a young Saudi designer who decided to be unique and different . She has what it takes to shine and stand out among the tons of young local designers through her simple yet innovative designs. 
She started her designing experience about three years ago which is unbelievable by looking at her well tailored pieces. Aljoharah is concentrating through her designs on modernising the abaya but also keeping it's true identity at the same time. Her latest collection of pastel dresses and chic abayas identifies her as a designer with a huge sense of style.
I love how she incorporated colours in her designs but in a decent way. Take a look at her latest gorgeous collection:

Contact information:
Instagram: @clutchabaya
kik: clutchabaya
Email: clutch-me@live.com
whatsapp: +966544725559

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