Thursday, July 31, 2014

Designer High Top Sneakers for Fall 2014

To satisfy this season’s sneaker obsession take a look at the upcoming high top sneakers for this fall. Top designers have created their own designs for this sneaker style. Check out these black high top sneakers from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Prada.


Following on from Chanel's success with a more casual look, including a tweed embellished sneaker, Christian Dior has released it's own 'Fusion Sneaker' with a futuristic and detailed design, which is both sporty and delicate. The shoe is very elegant, classic and daring, with fine edged sequin flowers and rubber soles.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s High Top Sneakers features the brand’s iconic pattern. There are many variations on the brand’s sneaker collection, these includes the LOVE patch, Damier,and ther heritage Karakoram pattern.


Chanel’s lace up sneakers features a simple design made available in different materials, Suede, Tweed and Calfskin.


Balenciaga’s high top sneakers features a futuristic design and alligator print. The Arena high sneakers has a classic design which is made of lambskin with tone-on-tone laces. The Chameleon high sneakers is a modern style sneaker that was inspired by the chameleon, which changes its color depending on the light.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent has a wide variety of sneakers. The brand offers classic high top sneakers, vintage inspired, as well as, metal studded sneakers.


Givenchy’s Tyson Sneakers are made of calfskin with a chunky rubber sole. It has a lace up front with a grip strap which comes in plain or embellished with stars.


Prada’s high top sneakers also comes in different styles. The brand offers Camo-Print Nylon Sneaker which features a ridger rubber on the round toe. Prada’s signature Saffiano leather which is usually seen in their iconic handbags was also made into a sneaker.

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